National Young Warriors Society

The National Young Warriors Society teaches youth the importance of becoming part of the solution rather than being a part of the problem. We teach the virtues of walking the path of the peaceful warrior, joining together in a circle of honor and respect. The National Young Warriors Society was founded to give youth a healthy group to identify with; this is not a militant organization, it is a healthy alternative to the gang identification so many youth are getting caught up in. Many of today’s youth are struggling with identity issues, many of them join gangs to fit in, to feel accepted, to feel they have something to be a part of. They wear bandanas and other gang affiliated clothing, tattoos, etc., to identify that they are part of a group of wannabes; unfortunately that path is destructive and self-defeating. We give youth the opportunity to become a proud member of an organization that stands for respect, honor and pride amongst youth. Members are encouraged to stay in school and complete their education, go on to college or university or enter the specialized trades. They are encouraged to become role models to others in their community, to stop abusing alcohol and drugs and to become a healthy part of the solution. The National Young Warriors Society is focused on preparing youth from across Canada to take an active role in how their community can make significant advancements in the future. The youth are our future and the time to help empower them to make positive changes toward healthier and safer communities is now.

For more information about the National Young Warriors Society and how to bring it to your community please telephone 604 313-2896 or simply email us at