Scared Straight

This is the highly acclaimed Scared Straight Workshop that Lee Mason has been successfully facilitating in First Nations Communities across Canada since 1995. Be aware that there are some people claiming to be the founders of the Scared Straight Program when in fact they are not, they are simply trying to feed off an established name and they are very misleading in their information. The Scared Straight Program was initially founded by a group of prison inmates in a United States prison and youth were brought into the prison to be confronted by the inmates about their actions and behaviors. Lee Mason has facilitated a similar program in detention facilities in Canada and he designed this Scared Straight Workshop for five-day presentations in communities to guide youth toward changing their attitudes and behaviors. Lees’ program raises their self-esteem and empowers them to make positive changes in their lives by helping them to see their strengths and how to use these for the benefit of themselves, their families, and their communities. Youth and young adults learn to take pride in self and to understand that they have the capabilities to be so much more than a troublemaker, vandal, gangster, or eventual prison inmate. The scared straight workshop that Lee facilitates was designed to address a wide variety of problems youth encounter on a daily basis; alcohol and drugs, gang recruitment and gang activity, youth violence, vandalism of school and community properties and the break and entries of other peoples homes; this workshop also focuses on helping everyone understand that the disrespectful attitudes and behaviors so many youth and young adults are exhibiting today needs to change. This program plays a positive and empowering role in changing the lives, the outlook and the attitudes of people of all ages; it is a very honest and straightforward look at reality. Many of our youth today are glorifying gang life and starting youth gangs, many communities already have organized gangs infiltrating the community and drawing the youth in to sell their drugs, lure girls into addiction and then force them into prostitution. Youth are being groomed by the gang members to eventually become full-fledged gang members that will continue to prey on their own people. Many youth and young adults are struggling with identity issues while they are trying to fit in to society and this unfortunately makes them easy prey for gang activity and gang membership, peer pressure is also very impacting on some of the choices they are making. There are additional concerns that are addressed through the workshop including dealing with losses, family break-ups, loss of loved ones to accidental death and suicide and many other life altering issues. This workshop also features a component that encourages and empowers young people to begin reaching out for help concerning their issues, to begin their wellness journey sooner rather than later; to stay in school and complete their education so they will be better equipped to create a healthier future for themselves and become positive role models in their communities. This workshop places extensive emphasis on building self-esteem, regaining personal pride, community pride and showing a real sense of respect for self, parents, teachers and all the other members of the community.

This program has played a major role in changing the attitudes, behaviors and outlook of thousands of youth and young adults right across the Country. Lee has had many people state to him years after they attended his program that without it they wouldn’t be where they are today. Some were already headed for trouble with the law, some were already before the courts on various charges, but many have completely turned their lives around, graduated from high school, are entering college and university or have secured good jobs.

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