What people are saying about our healing programs.

Following are a few examples of the statements provided by people that have taken part in our healing programs

“For years I was so ashamed of the things that were done to me as a child, I covered up that shame with alcohol and then with drugs. My life was a bottomless pit of broken relationships, self-loathing, addiction and despair. Through the power of this healing workshop I was finally freed from the demons of my past. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to let go of all that ugly baggage I’ve carried for so many years. Today, for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I am happy, I am free from the shame my abuser caused me to carry. Today I give it back to you, you carry the shame, it was never mine to carry. Thank you Lee, thank you for helping me to see the truth, thank you for walking me through the trauma, thank you for helping me to get my life back.”

“Thanks a million for this awesome healing workshop. I hate to see you leave us but it is really nice to see you doing what you are doing to help people all over. You helped me so much Lee and I will forever be grateful to you. Keep up the good work and please keep in touch.”

“This workshop is a life-changing experience for me. I feel like a brand new person. I couldn’t believe all the bad stuff I was carrying with me all these years. I feel refreshed and born again, no more worries, nothing heavy on my back. I thank Lee for this; he helped me find myself, my true self, not the person I was pretending to be. I now spend my time with my daughters more than before, my kids said they see a good positive change in me; I tell them I love them everyday. I feel much closer to my mom and auntie; it was so good for us to go through this healing program together. The strength in our circle was so strong and I have this special bond with my circle members. I will hold these people close to my heart for the rest of my life. I would like to thank Lee for coming to my community and helping us to heal from the past issues we have carried for far too long.”

“This workshop helped me understand where my anger was coming from and that I was deflecting my inner rage onto people that didn’t deserve it. I was very hurt and very angry about all the abuse that I went through but I never got the chance to put that hurt and anger where it belonged. Thanks to this program I have finally resolved those issues and for the first time in my life I feel happy and content with myself. Thank you for all your understanding, guidance and support Lee.”

“This workshop showed me things that I didn’t know. I feel like I learned a lot and I think it will help me in my life. I really think it was good for me to be here and I’m happy that I came. It made me take a good look at how my life has gone and that I can make it better. Thanks for everything.”

“What I got out of this workshop was I learned better ways to deal with problems. Not getting so mad about it, letting the bad feelings go instead of keeping it bottled up for so long. It helped me get closer to my family, daughters, sisters, brothers, sons, and my grandchildren. I learned how to open up more, to say what I need to say, to stand my ground.”

“I learned that we are all the same in regards to having issues and that by talking about it really brings us all closer together and helps us to heal. This program helped me to deal with my past childhood relationship with my mom and helped me see a connection to my relationship with my son. It also helped me to see the beauty inside of people that I didn’t know, it helped me to accept myself and to try to love myself more and work hard on positive thinking.”

“I was able to finally let myself go and unload all the garbage I held, I can now move forward in my life with a new sense of confidence.”

“I learned that crying is healing and not to let my issues bunch up inside. I learned new tools and ways of letting go of my traumas and my losses. I finally dealt with the loss of my granny and let her go to enjoy the other side when we did the letting go ceremony. Thank you for helping me Lee.”

“I learned that all the guilt and pain I’ve carried all these years was not mine to carry and I gave it back to my abusers to carry. This program has helped me to let go of a lot of pain and feelings of guilt about what happened to me. It will help the rest of my journey be a successful one because I no longer carry that pile of baggage I’ve packed around for far too many years of my life. I would recommend this program to everyone because I have gained so much freedom from my past nightmares.”