The Real Truth about Drugs and Alcohol

This program provides youth and adults with complete and up to date information about alcohol abuse and all the drugs that are being sold today. We also talk in-depth about the problems that are hitting First Nations communities and Métis settlements since the dramatic rise in the use of Cocaine, Crack cocaine, Ecstasy, and Crystal methamphetamine. We take an in depth look at the effects of these drugs, the harm they cause to their users, the health hazards, the poisons and solvents used in the manufacture of these drugs, and the severe addiction risks. All other illicit drugs are covered including marijuana; the myths about marijuana being a harmless drug are also exposed. Many people are of the belief that marijuana is a harmless substance, when in fact due to the high THC content there are mental and physical damages caused by excessive marijuana consumption. Much of today’s marijuana is also being laced with other chemicals including PCP, cocaine and, crystal meth. A recent study has found that a person smoking a single joint a day over a ten-year period dramatically increases their likelihood of getting lung cancer, the carcinogens in marijuana combined with the fact smokers inhale deeply and hold the smoke in their lungs for longer periods of time increases the risk even further. This workshop also features an in depth session about alcohol, many of our young people are drinking themselves to blackout state and in some cases are being hospitalized and in some cases are dying from alcohol poisoning. There are other alcohol related deaths spoken about as well, vehicle accidents, alcohol related violence and of course suicide is always an increased likelihood when people who are in a depressed state of mind are abusing alcohol. Prescription pill abuse has also been a major issue in every First Nation community we have facilitated in since 1995 and now it appears to be getting worse as doctors are prescribing pills for just about everything nowadays. In many cases people are becoming so dependent on these pills that they can no longer function or even think clearly for themselves, Elders have commented that it’s like a modern day form of genocide, keeping the people addicted and holding them back from getting anywhere in their life. Other important issues covered in this workshop include a look at why some people turn to drugs, how to protect yourself, your children and your community from becoming victimized by drugs, reaching out for help rather than reaching out for drugs. Parents and professionals will also be provided with handouts covering the following topics: How can I tell if my child or someone I know is using Crystal methamphetamine, Crack cocaine, Ecstasy, or other drugs? What can I do to help my child or someone I know escape the ravages of addiction? What can we do as a community to stop these deadly drugs from spreading even further into our community?

This workshop is highly recommended for youth, their parents, teachers, A&D Counselors, Health care teams and Front-line workers including Youth-workers

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