Developing Healthy Relationships

This program is designed for people of all ages including those that are already in a relationship and those that would like to learn more about what it takes to have a healthy relationship, how to develop one and how to maintain one. We break through the stereotyping of male and female roles in society and we look back on the values native men and women held for each other when we had and showed the greatest respect for each other at all times. We walked in harmony and in balance with each other and when we made a commitment to each other that commitment lasted through a lifetime. In this workshop we will also be exploring different techniques couples can practice to help them resolve relationship issues in a good and healthy manner. We will also explore the art of healthy communication, yes it’s okay to disagree, yes it’s okay to fight as long as you’re both fighting fairly, communicating your concerns in a way that focuses on bringing peace and harmony back into your relationship. Moving from co-dependency to interdependency. Things you can do to bring the spark back into your relationship. Relearning how to laugh and have fun with each other. Growing old gracefully together. Techniques that will help you work through your differences in a kind and considerate manner. We also take a look at the role alcohol and drug abuse plays in relationship breakdown and family breakdown.

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