Vandalism and Violence Prevention Program

This program was designed to address youth violence, vandalism of school and community properties and the break and entries of other peoples homes, schools, businesses and Band properties; this workshop also focuses on helping youth understand that the disrespectful attitudes and behaviors so many of them are exhibiting today needs to change. This is a five-day workshop designed to play a positive and empowering role in changing the lives, the outlook and the attitudes of people of all ages; it is a very honest and straightforward look at reality. Drug and alcohol addiction is discussed in depth because most of the break-ins and thefts are directly linked to youth substance abuse issues. They are breaking into peoples homes and community properties to steal items they can either sell or pawn or trade for alcohol and drugs. Many of today’s youth are hurt and angry, many feel neglected and abandoned and disrespected, so they lash out in violent and destructive ways, youth violence and vandalism and thefts are at an all time high across the country. This workshop deals openly with youth issues and helps them learn the importance of overcoming all forms of self-defeating behaviors. The sessions are presented in a non-shaming and non-blaming manner, throughout each interactive and experiential component participants learn to work together for the betterment of their community. Through this type of interactive teaching the participants are empowered to stand together to end the self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors taking place among each other. The focus of the Young Warriors Networks vandalism and violence prevention program is providing youth and young adults with a forum to learn, to speak, to be heard, and to be respected. Our experience through many years of facilitating in communities across Canada is that when young people are provided with education and empowerment workshops that speak the real and complete truth, the negative behavior problems, the violence and the vandalism that the youth are involved in will subside.

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