Walking the Path of Honor and Respect

It is very important for men and boys to relearn the roles they played in being the backbone of the community. There was a time when all of our men showed great respect for women, unfortunately too many have now forgotten the roles and responsibilities they once had. We as men were the protectors of the women and children; we were the ones that made certain they were well cared for and lived in a safe atmosphere. Much has changed since the days when our men walked proudly and carried out their responsibilities in a dignified and honorable manner and protected their families. Today, so many men and boys have become cold and callous and disrespectful and neglectful towards females. Cases of domestic violence, abusive attitudes, making females feel inferior to men, displaying neglectful behaviors toward families, these are attitudes we as men need to address amongst ourselves. We are all brothers but in far too many cases we have become too focused on individuality, in many cases we have forgotten or neglected to teach our younger brothers one of the most important things in life; the importance of respecting self and others, how to walk in harmony with all living things, and honoring the life-givers in our communities.

Walking the Path of Honor and Respect is an education and empowerment workshop for males of all ages that focuses on helping them take the important steps toward re-building their self esteem, regaining their personal pride, relearning the importance of respecting females and bringing honor and pride back to their community. We believe the men are the backbone of the community and the women are the backbone of the family, and it is important that both be strong and healthy. We also believe that the men have a great responsibility to protect women and children and, to love and honor and respect them as well. There are many things that have had and continue to have an impact on the beliefs and attitudes of many of our younger and older males, the historical impacts on Native Society as a result of Colonization and the outlawing for so many years of our Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals. Many people have overlooked the importance of Rites of Passage for our young men and our young women. We also look at why many people are caught up in the vicious cycle of alcohol and drug addictions and the role alcohol and drugs are playing in the domestic violence problems many communities are currently facing. Alcohol and drug abuse are a major factor in the domestic violence issue, however, it is important to realize people do not drink or drug themselves into oblivion because they are bad people, they are hurt people and sometimes they believe that the only way out of that hurt is by covering it up with alcohol or drugs. This workshop also teaches males the importance of starting to deal with their personal issues, beginning to heal the pain they carry from boyhood and into manhood, getting in touch with our emotions, reaching out to each other for help and ultimately eliminating the need to escape through the use of alcohol and drugs.

For a detailed information package and to find out how to bring Walking the Path of Honor and Respect Workshop to your community please telephone 604 313-2896 or simply email us at info@youngwarriors.net.