The Sacred Path Lessons

This program focuses on helping young people understand the importance of living their life in a respectful manner. There is much good to be said about many of our practices of old, youth have always expressed a keen interest in learning more about the history of Native North Americans, not just their Tribe but other Tribes as well. Through the power of historic photos and video we take a look at some of our famous Native leaders like Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Chief Dan George, Black Kettle, White Antelope and many others; the roles they played in helping their people, the sacrifices many made to ensure that the future generations would be free. We also take a look at the role alcohol and drugs are playing in undermining the work our great leaders of the past and present have achieved. We talk about the importance of learning to walk in balance in both worlds, the Red world and the White world, because they both have great gifts for us to help us grow and prosper in a good and healthy way. In this program we take a very enlightening look at the history of native people in North America, participants learn that almost all first nations societies have experienced difficult struggles for hundreds of years, and it is now time for us to make positive changes in our lives in order to stop the self-defeating and self-destructive cycle. Because many people, especially our youth, are unaware of the struggles native people have gone through over the past 500 years, they do not fully understand the effects of colonization, the impact of having culture and traditions outlawed for so many years, the designing of the reservation system, and the residential school system. They do not understand how things have gotten to the state we find them in today and how some of their own behaviors are now victimizing their families and the members of their own community. This segment helps everyone understand the true value of life and it also helps them regain their personal pride, they are encouraged to take up the cause to respect and protect each other and the community at large. We also discuss the importance of respecting all living things because when people learn to respect all living things they naturally learn to respect themselves as well. We hear so much talk about youth not showing respect for others, the sad fact is, many youth do not respect themselves so respecting others becomes secondary. By taking some traditional teachings and some history and blending them with modern day society we can start to bring respect, honor and pride back into the lives of our young people and this in turn will bring lasting benefits to our communities.

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