Rags is a Shihtzu/King Charles Spaniel cross and he has traveled with Lee to many communities across Western Canada. Rags is well known and much loved for his “let’s make somebody laugh with my silly antics” character and for the fact he has been so comforting to people when they were doing their grief and loss healing. A number of years ago Rags was presented with a small beaded Eagle feather with a hair clip by a Cree woman that he stayed beside all the time she was working through the difficult times she had gone through while in a particularly brutal Residential School in Alberta. This woman was so impressed with Rags that she wanted to recognize him in the sacred circle as not just a dog, but as a helper, a special gift that the Creator had sent to help bring comfort to the people. Rags started his Road Journey when he was only ten weeks old and he has brought comfort, joy and laughter to thousands of people. We encourage young people everywhere to take care of their dogs, to treat them with kindness and respect; they are a gift the Creator gave to us for companionship, help and protection.