Lee Mason

Lee is a renowned and highly sought after facilitator, along with his formal training Lee also brings an education from a University that doesn’t hand out paper diplomas; he is a graduate of the University of Hard Knocks and when he shares his personal life experiences with youth and adults they are immediately drawn to his honesty, his openness and his candid nature. Lee doesn’t glorify his colorful past but he draws upon his many years of personal experiences to show people what can happen when one makes the wrong choices and gets hooked up with gangs and the drug subculture. Lee shares what life was like then and what life is like now that he travels the good red road. Lee is considered by many health directors, health care professionals, RCMP and other law enforcement agencies; parents, teachers and students from across the Country as one of the best facilitators in Canada. His vast knowledge about alcohol, drugs, Native North American history, residential schools, youth gangs, youth violence and vandalism prevention practices and, the Canadian and United States prison system earns him an almost immediate respect among the thousands of people that have attended his programs. People are empowered to remove alcohol and drug abuse from their lives and to relearn to believe in themselves in order to prepare for a healthier future for themselves, their families and their communities. The need for effective healing and training programs has also been the driving force that has helped him create the most comprehensive programs to effectively address the many issues facing First Nations individuals and communities. Lee is a positive role model that is admired and respected by thousands of youth and adults across Canada for the work that he does and the inspiration he has been in helping so many people make positive changes in their lives. You will discover Lee’s thought provoking workshops and his gripping visual presentations to be the best you will find anywhere. Lee has been facilitating his highly acclaimed workshops, training programs and healing programs to youth, adults, parents, teachers, and a wide array of professionals in First Nations Communities, Métis Settlements and additional communities throughout the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec since 1995 and he looks forward to working with your community members too.