Cindy Cardinal

Cindy brings an extensive knowledge and background with gangs. She speaks the real truth about the realities of getting caught up with Native gangs and how these gangs use young girls to hold large quantities of drugs and weapons for them. Cindy reveals the recruitment tactics the gang members use and the long list of additional ways they use young girls to do their dirty work for them. Cindy’s goal is to help empower females across all age groups so they can avoid the pitfalls they will most certainly face if they decide to get caught up in gang life. GIRLZ and GANGZ is definitely an eye opener and a wake up call that was designed to bring the real truth to the forefront for females that think running with a gang member is a glamorous lifestyle. Cindy’s workshops make it very clear that getting involved in gang life will lead you to a life of being used and abused, disrespected and unprotected. Almost all of the girls drawn into gangs are forced to become earners for the gang by prostituting themselves. Gang life simply becomes a life full of danger and broken promises, especially when you end up in jail and the gang has no further use for you, then you find out too late what a wasted life it has been.