Recovery Facility Training Program

Due to the fact there is a great need for programs and services for at risk youth and youth already affected by substance abuse and addictions, this particular program has been specifically designed to empower graduating students to open and operate supportive recovery houses and community safe houses. The goal of The Young Warriors Network training programs is to provide communities with highly skilled professionals by developing those professionals from within the ranks of their own community members. We firmly believe communities will have a much better chance at helping the younger generation out of the grips of substance abuse and the resultant addiction problems by taking a community approach to tackling the issue. There is an unacceptable gap in supportive recovery programs for youth, we hear so much talk from community leaders and government officials about the youth being our future yet we have seen very little action taking place to ensure that we have healthy youth available to take over as healthy leaders in the future. Youth today are faced with a myriad of serious social issues unlike those of any previous generations. Lee Mason has provided numerous youth addictions education services and specialized training programs throughout communities across Canada, his many years on the road have given him a true insight into community social issues and problems youth face on a daily basis. The youth counselor supportive recovery facility training program was developed to fill the gap in youth addictions recovery services and to provide graduates with the skills and expertise to properly counsel youth and also operate supportive recovery and safe-house facilities in their community. Each component of The Young Warriors Network supportive recovery training program teaches participants the inter-relatedness of individual treatment and community healing. An individual’s problem becomes the family’s problem; the family’s problem then becomes the community’s problem. Naturally any program that focuses on only one part of the problem is ultimately doomed to failure, that is why we are placing a great emphasis on breaking out of the pattern of education that so many other programs appear to be stuck in. We focus on preparing our graduate students to be the most effective toward helping the individuals, the family and ultimately the community experience long-term sobriety, healthier families enhance community wellness.

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