What people are saying about Young Warriors Workshops.

Following are a few examples of the statements provided through the workshop evaluation forms participants are asked to complete after each workshop, this will give you a clearer understanding of how positive and impacting the workshop series are for community members.

“I found Lee to be an excellent and truly inspiring facilitator, he was highly informative yet very easy to understand and he uses his great sense of humor at just the right times. This workshop was an awesome experience for the youth and the adults. Thank you Lee for sharing such an awesome journey with us, you touched everyone so deeply and in such a gentle and caring way. ”

“Lee has been to Hell and back and what  he  shared with us in this workshop will never leave my mind, his teachings will forever remind me of what can happen if I make the wrong choices.”

“Lee is an amazing person to watch do his workshop, he knows what he is talking about and his sense of humor is something that helped everyone open up.”

“I learned that I have choices in my life, good ones and bad ones and it is up to me to choose a path that will lead me toward a brighter future for myself and my community.”

“What an excellent workshop, you shared personal experiences and it made everything more meaningful and so real. You helped me become more aware of life and that I have choices and a voice to speak up with and that if I become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem I will make a difference in not only my life but in the lives of others in my community. Thank you Lee for helping me to discover there is a brighter future ahead if we create it first in ourselves.”

“You helped me understand where my anger came from, how my past created the pain and shame I carried for such a long time, you helped me to understand how I can overcome the past and realize inner healing and inner peace. Thank you so much Lee you have given me a whole new outlook on life, by sharing your past with me and the steps you took to healing I have come to believe that I too can recover from my addictions.”

“Lee’s openness and honesty touched me so deeply, his experiences that he went through and survived are truly amazing. Each day of the workshop was very exciting and enjoyable; you gave everyone a chance to speak, to share and to experience the strength that came to life in our circle. Lee let everyone be involved and let everyone really take part in the workshop. I have been to many workshops but never have I been to one as powerful as this one. When are you coming back?”

“Lee helped me learn to speak my mind, to see that I am a unique person and I have good qualities. Yes I too have been abused as a child and I have carried a deep shame inside about what was done to me, but when Lee shared his own experiences with me it helped me to understand I too can heal and get stronger if I follow the path to recovery that he followed. One of the things I really appreciated was when Lee gave everyone his cellular number and told us we are never alone now and we can call him anytime we are struggling, he gave us hope and a lifeline, no-one else has ever done that for any of us.”

“Very intelligent and has such a great sense of humor, Lee has a great way of teaching without ever being boring, my friends and I all thought he was so cool and really kind and treated everyone with so much respect, he has this amazing ability to get people completely involved in solutions.”

“Lee talked about more things than alcohol and drugs, he talked to us about everything we need to know about living a healthier and happier life. I thought the information was presented very well so we can really understand it, I thought it was straight forward and very interesting.”

“I think the info Lee gave us came straight out, no preaching, no lying, and no bullshit, this workshop came along at just the right time in my life, I was heading down a crooked path, thanks Lee for getting me back on track.”

“I thought that it was very helpful to me and to others, I think the information was excellent and you had a strong point of view and you totally speak the truth and don’t hide anything.”

“It was excellent and presented in a way that my students were captivated by the message, I was completely amazed at the way you held their interest and got them so involved in healthy solutions, you did an absolutely awesome job.”

“What a wonderful experience this has been for me to attend this workshop with my kids, it brought us closer together. It is so heartwarming to see that the key leaders in the community are recognizing the value that “experts” like you can offer. I hope to see you again”

“I think he did a great job, he got everyone's attention and kept everyone involved, he was really cool and patient and very interesting. I was really impressed with him sharing his personal struggles with us, it helped me to understand there is a way out of the nightmare I am already becoming trapped in because he’s been through it all, he recovered and he helped me believe in myself and that I can recover too.”

“I think he’s a neat guy, he’s polite and caring and he sure knows what he’s talking about, I really respect him for what he went through and he is now telling us how to avoid the same destruction, he was very truthful, kind, and very understanding to everyone.”

“I want to thank you, you really touched the lives of my sons, great job Lee, and may the Creator keep you with us for a long time, you are a true and gifted helper to our people.”

“My girlfriend and I are both 15 years old and were going to do cocaine this weekend, after what you taught us we are never doing any drugs or drinking booze again, thanks for being so honest with us Lee, you have helped us more this week than you could ever imagine, thank you.”

“He has past experiences and can relate and he doesn’t sound like a pamphlet and he doesn’t preach to us, he informs us about what it’s really like in the drug world, I think he’s an amazing human being and he’s really cool because he takes the time to speak to us youth and speak about his life, which a lot of people wouldn't do, and he’s not boring.”

“As an Elder I have had the opportunity to attend many different workshops over the years, but of all the workshops I have attended, never have I attended one that has touched me as deeply as Lee Mason’s, it was a true pleasure to watch this man speak in such an honest and open manner. I witnessed this man deeply touch the lives and the spirits of our community members and I am certain his message will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing your life with us Lee.”

“I think Lee gave the youth good information and put on an excellent workshop, as a teacher he not only kept me on my toes he also showed me a better way to work with my students and I think he is the best facilitator we have ever had in our community.”

“What a change in our youth since you came to do your workshop, we watched them over the past five days and were absolutely amazed at the way their behaviors, their attitudes, and their level of respect did a complete turnaround. Thank you so much for all that you helped them learn and understand and the sense of pride they now carry in their hearts.”

“Man what a mess my life was headed for, I thought being a gangster was the ultimate in life but now that I see the real truth I see gang life as the ultimate trip to loser city. Thanks Lee, I will never forget your teachings; you saved my life and gave me a whole new outlook on what life is really all about. I am going back to school and I am going to graduate and go to university and get a degree so I can have a real positive career instead of becoming a career criminal that wastes his life locked up in a penitentiary.”

“I am a single mom and I want to thank you for being so honest and real with my sons and my daughter. They haven’t stopped talking about your workshop. You are the best role model they have ever had and I don’t think they will ever forget your teachings about respect, honor and taking pride in who they are as young Aboriginals that will become our future healthy leaders.”