Grief and Loss Healing Program

There are multiple traumas that First Nations community members have been struggling with for many years, issues such as the multi generational effects of residential school, multiple losses due to deaths and, additional unresolved issues. Whenever we take an in depth look at existing or potential drug and alcohol problems any individual is struggling with there are always underlying factors that have fueled the need to numb ones pain and sadness with alcohol and drugs or other mind altering practices. The unresolved issues people are impacted by are also the core and fuel of their addictions, be they substance abuse, gambling and other addictions. The unresolved issues will remain an obstacle in the lives of individuals and their families and will not subside until they have taken the opportunity to heal their issues. The grief and trauma healing and recovery program that we facilitate provides people with the opportunity to experience healthy closure from the multiple losses and/or abuses they have experienced throughout their lives. The key to truly helping people live a more balanced life is by providing them with the opportunity to walk through their traumas and their losses in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

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